Adatree provides solutions to help organisations comply with the Consumer Data Right and enable product innovation.


We offer modular components that address the complexity of complying with the Consumer Data Right. Regardless of your core banking system, data architecture or internal systems, these solutions can work for you.

Solutions and Services



Connect to our data network with one simple Financial Grade API. Our data network assures the sending and receiving of data between all other ACCC accredited parties.

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consent lifecycle management

Manage the end to end lifecycle of your customer giving and revoking of consent with auditable details of consent history.


identification management

Developed on an Open ID Connect certified platform, this solution establishes a consumer’s identification and ensures a compliant, secure and highly available identity.

This addresses problems for both data holders and data recipients.

customer experience solutions

Ensuring customer-facing interactions are compliant with consent management, two-factor authentication and automated event-based compliance notifications.

Providing branded web-responsive screens to manage the initial and ongoing customer-facing compliance requirements.

data strategy consulting

Leverage our subject-matter experts to help your organisation prepare systems for the integrations and overall business readiness for go-live. We can help understand compliance obligations, map data capabilities, define and execute a data transformation strategy.

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