Receive live CDR data in a few days as Adatree's Representative



Fast Track cdr data access with adatree as your sponsor

New regulatory changes to CDR Rules enable real-time access for:
  • Representative model to slash your time, costs and effort to receive consented CDR data
  • Powering your services with CDR with Adatree doing the heavy lifting of regulation and data sources
  • Rely on self-assessment and self-attestation instead of formal information security assessment
  • Leverage Adatree's accreditation and CDR expertise for turnkey, sponsored CDR access
  • Access consented data in days
Leverage Adatree's Existing Platform
  • Scalable, conformant and live Data Recipient Platform, with everything technical needed to access real-time CDR data from all available Data Holders
  • Consumer-facing Consent Dashboard to grant, view manage and withdraw consent - branded to your business
  • Optional Data Storage (known as Data Enclave) to store your CDR data securely
  • Developer sandbox for proof of concepts and experiments before going live

Representative Process Adatree



About CDR Representative


turnkey solutions for representatives

Leverage Adatree's unrestricted accredited and active status to access data
  • Adatree collects CDR data from Data Holders on behalf of Representative
  • White-label our consent dashboard or use your own
  • Store CDR in your own environment or leverage Adatree's Data Storage Service
  • Access CDR data via machine-readable API 
  • Access customer consented data sources in real-time 
  • Automated and immediate access to new data sources
  • Power your services and products with CDR, without the burden or timelines

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