Service update: COVID Hotspot Alert is now closed

COVID Hotspot Alert, a global award-winning service using Consumer Data Right to protect Australians through data, has been closed as of January 2022. The government-published list of COVID Hotspots is no longer in place, which is essential to match your banking transactions to location lists. 

We thank the thousands of Australians that have signed up to be informed through the Consumer Data Right. 

We look forward to bringing more 'Data for Good' initiatives to life with our customers. 

Thank you to FDATA for recognising COVID Hotspot Alert as the 2021 global winner for Open Banking for Good. 



think of it like Your personal contact tracer

COVID Hotspot Alert, powered by Adatree, uses the secure, safe and highly regulated Consumer Data Right ecosystem to identify when the location you have purchased at has been designated by the government as a COVID Hotspot location. 

Within minutes of the government releasing a new COVID venue of concern, you are notified so you can take appropriate action to keep yourself and the community safe.

Forgot to check in? Tired of checking the latest COVID venue lists? This service works alongside QR Check-in and your data is not shared with the government. 

What is COVID Hotspot Alert?

  • CDR-powered personalised alert service if consumers have spent at a COVID Hotspot or venue of concern

  • Australia's first non-financial use case for the CDR. Uses the power of the CDR for good and better social outcomes

  • Opt-in alert to be notified in near real-time about their exposure to COVID Hotspots

  • Uses Adatree's proprietary Data Recipient Platform to access the CDR and Adatree's Analytical Engine to analyse and match complex datasets 

  • Powered by the Consumer Data Right, a regulated data sharing regime giving consumers control, choice and convenience

  • Customer able to withdraw consent for data sharing at any time

  • Free service provided by Adatree, an Accredited and Active Data Recipient

  • This reflects Adatree's values that technology companies have an obligation to use 'data for good' for society

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building covid hotspot alert

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Data Recipient Platform

Data Recipient Platform

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Analytical Engine

Analytical Insight Engine

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How covid hotspot alert works



A customer signs up to receive COVID Hotspot Alerts and consents to sharing their data. 



A customer spends, purchasing with either a debit or credit card, at a location in NSW.



Your transactions and the COVID Location and Alert database are analysed and matched with machine learning.

hotspot alert


A customer receives an alert directly to their phone notifying them if they transacted at a hotspot with next steps how to manage their exposure and risk.