Adatree Investors

Adatree completed its Seed Capital Raise in late 2020 with a small group of invited investors.

This purposefully only occurred after Adatree had been in 18 months of operation to prove traction, establish product-market fit and develop its unique value propositions.




"Anyone with an ounce of intellect can see Open Banking and the obvious roll on through other industries is going to create a value shift.

We believe Adatree has the right team at the coal face of this to capture the economics and create a significant business."
Mark Hutchins
"At Tyro, we were fortunate to hire many people who were smarter than us. In reality, you only get to borrow them for a short time. They are destined for bigger things. Both Jill and Shane are moving on to that destiny. Adatree has identified an opportunity in the usage of your financial data, authorised by you, for your benefit. This will open access for you to better services previously denied by the legacy gatekeepers of that data.

I want to be at their side as they enable your better future"
Peter Haig
Co-Founder of Tyro Payments
"I have seen the evolution of Open banking (Consumer Data Right), introduced in the UK in 2018. Recent reports suggest over 2.5 million UK bank customers now deliver their bank data to 3rd parties. Australia is quickly following the UK experience.

Over the past 18 months I have been following the Adatree story and my family is excited to have the opportunity to be amongst their financial backers. The Adatree technical team has built one of Australia’s first fully complaint modular Open Banking platforms for Data Recipients to receive authenticated consumer data in a secure, efficient, and compliant environment."
Kerry Roxburgh AM
Co-Founder of E*TRADE Australia, Former Chairman of Tyro Payments
"Its not very often you get to invest in the enabling infrastructure of an entirely new category.

We’ve seen the market opportunities brought by the introduction of consumer data rights in other jurisdictions and we are so excited to see that occurring in Australia."
Kylie Frazer
Director of Eleanor Venture

Future Investment

Adatree is not currently seeking investment but expressions of interest for future rounds can be sent to