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Applying Real-Time, Personalised Offers to Rideshare Companies

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Do you remember how transportation was before Uber?  It may have seemed such a long time ago. Uber came into our lives and completely changed how we think about and use transport vehicles. When it was launched, it was an innovative app-based platform that turned the taxi industry on its head, altering our attitudes and behaviour towards riding services overnight.

The introduction of Open Banking and innovations in ridesharing may seem like two subjects that share no relevance. However, Open Banking could be the catalyst for the next phase for the unique personalisation of ridesharing or other on-demand services.

Read about how Lucy shared her data with her ride share provider to receive offers when she wants them at better deals at 'just in time' moments, based on her behavioural history. 

Meet Lucy

office worker

Lucy is always taking either a taxi or a rideshare on Monday and Tuesday mornings to get to work and on Friday nights to get home. She often takes one when it is raining or over 35 degrees.

She isn’t loyal to a particular brand, occasionally alternating among Uber, Ola, and Didi depending on what service is the closest, or will opt for a taxi if she sees one passing by.

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What are rideshare companies missing?

They do know about the individual rides that Lucy makes with them

But these companies do not have/know:
  • a collective overview of the nature of these transactions
  • when she flags down a ride
  • what her transport preferences are or what influences them
  • why she picks one service over the other.

Why would this be valuable?

If any of these rideshare companies have the full picture, they can be smarter about how they personalise and modify their offers to accommodate their customers.


For instance, by seeing Lucy's full financial transaction history and matching it with weather data and day of the week, they would know her preferences relating to the weather.

How this changes Rideshare Company Approach

Lucy's 'Just In Time' Offers

With this insight about Lucy, rideshare companies can offer customised services specific to Lucy's preferences. For instance, they can ensure that she always has a great ride offer for when it is raining. An offer can be made to her, preempting her demand or preferences, which can lead to increased purchases with one brand over the other and fostering loyalty. Lucy would benefit with personalised offers for cheaper or more premium rides, or guaranteed availability.

This level of personalisation can drive usage, gain share of wallet, and, over time, establish trust and engagement with the brand that seems to know exactly when Lucy will need their service.

Before CDR, companies may have thought that they had a good grasp on how to cater to their customers' needs. Yet with the introduction of this method of data sharing, organisations can now have the holistic view of their customers' preferences and personalise their offers accordingly. Companies that incorporate CDR into their services will never have to miss out on understanding their customers so they can provide the best service and anticipate their needs.

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