About Adatree

Founded to be a catalyst for innovation and better consumer outcomes

We believe in a world where data is democratised and competition is the driver of better consumer outcomes

We will deliver on this vision by removing barriers to entry for the data sharing ecosystem through our technology offering

Operate transparently

We operate in a transparent and ethical way. No brilliant jerks

Practice radical candor

Care personally, challenge directly and provide feedback where necessary

Driven by trust

We provide freedom and trust and expect accountability and ownership in return

Align our efforts

We align our efforts focusing only on our goals. We win and lose together


The Adatree Team is best positioned to deliver Open Banking Solutions for Consumer Data Right

  • Niche team of Australian bank builders: All members of Adatree have been involved in building two fully-licensed Australian banks, Tyro and Volt. We all have 10+ years of experience

  • Pro-Competition, Pro-Consumer: Adatree was founded based on a passion for the opportunities that the Consumer Data Right legislation brings to the Australian consumer.

  • Solutions by Australians, for Australians: Built specifically for the Australian Consumer Data Right standard. Designed and developed in Australia.

  • End-to-end experiences developing products, systems and services: The team has worked together on creating elegant solutions for complex problems. Experienced in problem validation, customer research and developing lean solutions. We provide integrated systems and products with world-class security and agility practices. Senior team members with 10+ years of experience

  • Empathy for Consumer Data Right participants. Having delivered products and systems in financial services, the team knows the challenges of complying with legislative standards and rules. This is our ‘why’ that has inspired the creation of an Open Banking utility.


Adatree was founded by colleagues Jill Berry & Shane Doolan.

Founders - Our Why

Jill & Shane helped build two new Australian fully licensed banks together, Tyro & Volt Bank. They believe that new thinking and technology will lead to better consumer offerings and outcomes. 

While exploring Open Banking, they realised the technical standards for being part of the CDR ecosystem were incredibly high (similar to bank standards) with no solutions available. They founded Adatree to be a catalyst for innovation. 

Utilising their skills in building technology in regulated environments, with Adatree's solutions, companies can be a part of the CDR very quickly and focus on consumer value propositions. 


Why Adatree?

Adatree is named after Ada Lovelace.

Who is considered the pioneer of computer programming in the late 1800s. 

Tree relates to the healthy ecosystem of data.